Marlee Walker - Publisher/Host

Publisher/Broadcaster Marlee Walker is a longtime blues broadcaster and publisher based in her hometown of Seattle, Washington.  Marlee Walker has a name and voice Northwestern music fans recognize as the ‘Blues Lady’ in Seattle, with over 25 national and regional awards and nominations for her work promoting the blues in various media including radio, TV, newsprint, web, email, and soon on your smart phone. ? Blues To Do Monthly was started in 1992, about one year before Marlee left her nine+ year (9+) award winning career as blues host for KPLU radio.  The same week she left KPLU, she was hired by KMTT to host their weekly blues show which she called Marlee Walker's Blues Kitchen.  After more than an award winning year, the consultants took over so she began hosting the Sunday morning Preachin' The Blues show at KCMU, which later became KEXP while she was there hosting for more than eight (8+) years, thru 2003.  


Next, she was offered an opportunity to make a television show so Marlee Walker grabbed her mic and make-up and gathered a crew, eventually garnering more awards for her live weekly TV show.  She books the artists and groups and various VIP guests each week with help from her lively all volunteer crew on cameras, audio for live music AND interviews, lighting, video editing, podcasting and livestreaming too!  


Now, Blues To Do-TV is all assembled in digital pieces with footage of a new artist or group in each new episode.  It involves editing and computer skills to assemble the show and Marlee has also jumped into the mix with new technical skills to get it on the air.  Now we live stream thru and have various other methods of distribution as well, including  


Jim “Early” Byrd  has been a regular co-host on Blues To Do-TV.  Now at 88, Byrd (pictured above at 80) with Marlee on set of Blues To Do-TV), is the fourth legendary disc jockey inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, along with Wolfman Jack, Alan Freed and Dick Clark. ? He managed three(3) of James Brown's radio stations and much more.  See for more information.



~ Keeping The Blues Alive Award in Radio, 2000 from The Blues Foundation, Memphis, TN.

~ Keeping The Blues Alive Nomination in Print,1994 from The Blues Foundation, Memphis, TN.

~ Communicatin’ The Blues, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 Summy Awards, Tacoma.

~ Golden Summy, 1997 Summy Awards, Tacoma.

~ Grand Summy, 1998, 1999, 2000 Summy Awards, Tacoma.

~ Best Writer, 1999, 2000 BB Awards, WBS, Seattle.

~ Best Writer, 2004 BB Award Nomination, WBS, Seattle.

~ Best DJ, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 BB Awards, WBS, Seattle.

~ Keeping The Blues Alive, 1999, 2000 BB Awards, WBS, Seattle.

~ Keeping The Blues Alive, 2004 BB Award Nomination, WBS, Seattle.

~ NW Gospel Awards, 2008, Seattle.  

~ Favorite Live Music Program, SCAN-TV Awards 2009, Seattle

 ~ Best Overall Technical Quality, and Best Producer, SCAN-TV Awards 2010, Seattle?